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Signatures for To No.10 Downing St. to put an end to Organised Stalking and Electronic Harassment

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1 PaoloFiora Please sign this petition and let other people know about it!
2 LaurenOlivier  
3 guypotter  
4 DebChakraborty Please put an end to this inhuman cruelty & mockery of "righteousness" & "justice" .The world is bleeding in despair ..
5 KarenBester  
6 JeanVerstraeten  
7 JohnHanson  
8 TenaA I am a Targeted Individual. A true victim of organized stalking and electronic harassment for my entire life. All members of my family are TIs as well. My targeting became extreme and overt in 2004.It includes character assassination and slander campaign
9 NancyMiller  
10 stevemizon