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Signatures for To No.10 Downing St. to put an end to Organised Stalking and Electronic Harassment

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11 debbieNewhook Stop the covert war against citizens of the world.
12 mickbeth we are both organised stalking victims from tamworth staffordshire in the UK.
13 josephsomerville hi ive been getting covert frequencie torture for the past 5 years and we as a group are doing every thing to make this crime stop
14 DouglasHill  
15 RobertFox For the past three years, I have been subjected to the illicit use of directed energy technology. This is not the nature of a just and civil society. Please exercise the moral courage that your office demands and look into this matter.
16 Mike LlywelynCox Paolo has said it all.
17 angelicad'archangelis Recognition of this widespread crime is imperitive for the quality of life for all future generations... even technologies that are seen as "progressive" such as wifi are a known detriment to the genetic material of children... what is being created canno
18 ClaireButler  
19 RobertSwegan I have been a prisoner of this technology for over nine years now. My torture is complete. I am asking for an investigation of all the atrocities being comitted against us. Thank You
20 KathrynNestor I am a targeted individual in Pennsylvania, USA. I am currently being group stalked and electronically assaulted.